LUXURY travel

Be sure with us
Holiday exactly for you

Don’t want to deal with trip planning, don’t have time for it or just don’t want to do it?

We will advise and prepare destination options according to your wishes and recommend according to our experience. Indulging yourself the luxury of private travel is an unforgettable experience – we will pick you beads from destinations around the world, get you to places you normally can’t find yourself, and let you forget your everyday worries. The luxury is also the assurance that you are in the best hands – we are always in control of your journey and we are always on the phone in case of unexpected facts, we solve everything by return. And you just enjoy!

Holiday on request we prepare for couples, individuals, groups of friends, interest groups or families with children.

The result will be an exclusively tailored itinerary of your holiday including the provision of all related services – maps, contacts, GPS locations, etc. We will provide you with air tickets, visa services, accommodation, car rental, entries, guides for the entire holiday or local guide. We will provide you with all the necessary materials and from the beginning to the end of the planning and you will be given a personal consultant.

We will prepare interesting meetings and activities for you to look forward to!

Take a ride through the sand dunes in jeeps, get under the starry sky, find the remains of meteorites in the desert, not be robbed by monkeys, climb the mountain at dawn, take the night train and enjoy the sunrise, warm in hot springs or crackling fire , let yourself be carried away by the unforgettable view from the volcano, go down the river on a raft, feed the stingray right on the shore of a white beach, spend the night on a boat, swim to a deserted island…

Travel without borders