Sports tournaments
Are you interested in golf tournament?

We have been active in the world of golf for several years. We are a complete organization and promotion of golf tournaments. We are able to organize tournaments in any golf resort at home and abroad.

Thanks to many years of experience in the golf environment and individual approach, we are ready to propose the optimal variant of the tournament organization according to your requirements and possibilities.

We approach each tournament individually. Thanks to our many years of experience we solve every tournament as one “project”. Regardless of the number of participants, the type of tournament or the venue, we are always able to offer the most suitable places and premises, taking into account the scope of the entire event to properly establish additional services of the highest quality.

Thanks to teamwork with our departments – graphic, marketing, online technology – we can arrange a tournament for you from start to finish including graphic preparation, preparation of prints, provision of mailing, invitations, catering, marketing support to final implementation and subsequent follow up.

We will make it easier for you to organize your tournament using state-of-the-art registration technology, including the ability to prepare and manage a microsite with all the relevant information tailored for each participant.

We put emphasis on quality and in detail prepared event that will fully meet the requirements and needs that you expect from it. Of course our work is an individual approach, quality preparation and professional implementation.

Types of tournaments:
  • corporate for clients and business partners
  • corporate for employees
  • for golf companies
  • PRO-AM
  • charity, sponsorship
We arrange for you
  • professional and quality implementation team
  • a suitable tournament date and venue
  • acquainting the client with the location (availability, attractiveness and other criteria)
  • selection of tournament format and way of playing
  • announcement of the tournament to the Czech Golf Federation and its placement on the CGF server
  • own tournament organization
  • entry to driving range, chipping and putting
  • catering according to client’s requirements
  • processing the tournament logo and creating a website
  • distribution of invitations and registration of participants
  • rules of the game and organization of embedded competitions
  • coordination of flights and location of players
  • putting off the start list
  • official referee
  • professional results processing
  • prizes for the winners of each category
  • branded company balls, towels, umbrellas
  • placing promotional promo on the playground – banners, flags
  • hostesses, social and entertainment performances, accompanying program (including golf academy for non-players)
  • photographic documentation (photo, DVC, CD, video)
  • personal assistance of the product manager at the venue
  • detailed verification of the site and services before the event
  • complete provision of print and advertising materials within our graphic department
  • technological solutions for registration of participants – special microsites with clear outputs

Concept for partners:

In case you do not want to organize your tournament directly, we offer you the opportunity to partner with our existing tournaments.

Why to be a partner?
  • the partner can invite his major customers to the golf tournament venue
  • the partner can prioritize customer care
  • in an informal spirit, it is easier to conduct negotiations with a partner
  • the winner receives a prize – valuable prizes from sponsors
  • about 10,000 active golfers receive information about the golf tournament and the tour (there are about 55,000 golfers in the Czech Republic in total)
  • in 2018 a total of 700 players took part in our tournaments (550 unique people)
  • the vast majority of players are enthusiastic about our tournaments – for the price of a standard fee they will win a very special tournament with many prizes and gifts
  • golf resorts are already addressing ourselves because of the fact that they always have fully occupied places with us, even in bad weather
We understand your needs!